Mark Walker:

Alexander, who runs Cinemaniac Reviews has started a series of interviews with bloggers recently. Here’s the one I was involved in.

Originally posted on Cinemaniac Reviews:

Mr. Mark “Marakai” Walker is a Scot. Words like “The”, “Big”, and “Lebowski” pique his interest, particularly when pieced together as the title of a wonderfully goofy stoner comedy. Piece the name “Margaret” with the surname “Thatcher” and he may blow a gasket. Everything else (or what’s not in the interview below) has been checked, crossed off, tallied, and dotted at the aptly named Marked Movies.

This interview was conducted between November 25th and November 29th.

Your blog is, and your Twitter handle is @MarkusMarakai. May I ask, what’s a “marakai”?

As you well know, all over the Internet you’re asked for a username and sometimes it can be hard to find one that’s not already been used. “Marakai” is one that has always stood me in good stead. It isn’t just a random though, it’s been my nickname for many years now. I’m not even sure how…

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