Exit Through The Gift Shop * * * *


Director: Banksy.
Narrated By: Rhys Ifans.
Featuring: Bansky, Thierry Guetta, Debora Guetta, Monsieur Andre, Zues, Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Space Invader, Beck.

What defines art? It’s a question we often ask ourselves. Street graffiti artist ‘Banksy’ thinks if you shout loud enough about your talent (or on this case, the lack of) then people will show an interest whether you’re good or not.

That’s exactly what happens to (very) amature filmmaker Thierry Guetta, who decides after filming several street artists’ work, that he wants to enter into the world of art himself, despite being an abslolute imbicile and not possessing a creative bone in his body. This however, doesn’t stop the American public from being lulled into this so-called artist’s deranged view of his (non-existant) talent and buying up his work, amounting to Thierry accruing over $1million from his exhibition in Los Angeles and becoming very well known in the art world.
The man is a buffoon, but what does that then make the people who snapped up his pieces?

A great look into post-modern art and raising some serious questions as to what people percieve art to be. On this note, it is pretentious claptrap and shows up the proposterous cheese eating, wine sipping critics who talk right out their arse.
Is this documetary even for real? Is Thierry really this new modern artist adored by the public? Or has Banksy crafted a film to expose the tawdry and ostentatious opinions of pompous, upper middle-class snobs who pretend to have an opinion, but really only want a slice of the recent fad for themselves. Who knows?

The film itself may be a an experiment in life imitating art, imitating life. Either way though, the question still stands and it’s a thought provoking little documentary.

Mark Walker


2 Responses to “Exit Through The Gift Shop * * * *”

  1. Indeed one we agree about! I’ve quickly browsed some of your reviews and seen that there are a few where we don’t agree at all. But all in all I think our tastes overlap quite a bit. And the differences are only there to make for more interesting discussions. “I agree” gets a little old after a while!


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