7 x 7 Link Award.


Normally, my blog consists of just film reviews, with the occasional page branching off to notable actors and performances that I like. This is a one off post though as I must reciprocate a favour that has been done for me.

As my blog only started on January 2012, you can imagine my delight that only 3 months later, I was awarded the ‘7×7 Link Award’ for my film reviews by my helpful friend Adam at http://3guys1movie.com/

It’s always nice to have people recognise your stuff and being awarded this allows more people to come across it aswell, which brings me to the rules of receiving the award.

Rule #1: Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

Rule #2: Link to one of the posts that I personally think best fits the following categories:
Most Beautiful Piece,
Most Helpful Piece,
Most Popular Piece,
Most Controversial Piece,
Most Surprisingly Successful Piece,
Most Underrated Piece,
Most Pride-Worthy Piece.

Rule #3: Pass this award on to seven other bloggers.

So, here goes…

#1 Something that no-one knows about me.
This is always a hard question to answer and I’m unsure if it even has to be related to film but my daughter was in the same class at school as the son of Scottish actor Robert Carlyle. I met him on several occasions, picking up the kids and had a few brief chats. He’s such a humble and respectful person, as well as, one of Scotland’s finest actors, that often gets overlooked. For those not familiar, his film credits include “Trainspotting”, “The Full Monty”, “28 Weeks Later” and he even played the Bond villain in “The World Is Not Enough”. His television credits include “24”, “Stargate Universe” and the most recent “Once Upon A Time”. Despite these credits, he deserves more work and it was my pleasure to have met him.

#2 Most Beautiful Piece
I wouldn’t call any of my reviews beautiful but I found The Tree Of Life to be a beautiful film and one that had my head sparking. Here’s the first link https://mrmarakai.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/the-tree-of-life/

Most helpful piece.
I suppose when anyone tries to relay their opinions, they do it in some way that might be helpful to others. I often wonder if I have helped but here’s the second link which I hoped done the job, in getting people to avoid the film 88 minutes. https://mrmarakai.wordpress.com/2012/01/17/88-minutes-x/

Most Popular piece.
My most popular review is also my most controversial – which is Titanic – so I’ll pick the popular piece that has had a lot of views. That happens to be My Top Ten page. https://mrmarakai.wordpress.com/my-top-ten/

Most controversial piece
As I mentioned above, a lot of people didn’t seem to like my opinion of Titanic. The comments section reflect this. Here’s the link https://mrmarakai.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/titanic-12/

Most surprisingly successful piece
I didn’t expect the amount of views that my Perfect Sense review got but I’m happy, as I was hoping more people would see this film. https://mrmarakai.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/perfect-sense/

Most underrated piece
Not so much an underrated review but Mr. Nobody is an underrated movie that my review didn’t get much traffic for. My hope was to bring this film to more peoples attention but they didn’t listen. https://mrmarakai.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/mr-nobody/

Most pride worthy piece
I see flaws in all of my reviews and there are quite a lot that I should amend but I rather liked my review of The King’s Speech. https://mrmarakai.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/the-kings-speech/

And now to the seven blogs that I think should get a little of your attention…
(in no particular order)

#1. Andy Watches Movies
Andy has a lot of similar tastes to myself and his reviews are informative and easy reading. I enjoy his blog and he is always interacting on others’.

#2. Southern Vision
This is a great blog from Tyler, If your interested in independent and world cinema. In a short time of following this, I’ve been put onto films I would probably have struggled to come across.

#3. 5 Word Movie Reviews
Ryan’s reviews are always in depth and well written. It looks like he puts a lot of thought and time into them. That in itself, is worthy of attention.

#4. Claratsi Movie Blog.
Kevin is another blogger, whom I tend to agree with. His posts and interaction are regular and his reviews informative. Another that I enjoy reading.

#5. The FilmFellas.
The Film Fellas consist of four guys who discuss, in depth, all things film. Ive enjoyed there posts and discussions and have always been welcome to get involved.

#6. The Cinemaniac.
The Cinemaniac knows his stuff when it comes to blogging. He’s just finished his own script and managed to design an app for his site. He was helpful to me when I just started and always gives his opinion on your posts.

#7. FernandoRafael.
Fernando is great for interacting with and his reviews are short and sweet. He’s good to have in your corner for having the occasional discussion.

Well… That’s it. Apologies to anyone I left out, I enjoy all the people I’m following but some guys thoroughly deserve mention and others could be doing with the traffic. That’s what my decisions were based on.

Blog on bloggers!

29 Responses to “7 x 7 Link Award.”

  1. Hi there! I noticed you paid my blog a visit, so I thought I’d check out who you were. And I’ll definitely come back to this place!

    Mr Nobody is indeed an unknown as well as underrated movie. I hope you won’t take it as spamming if I provide a link to my review. My review didn’t get much attention either.

    Sometimes it’s just nice to know that there are more people out there who share the love for an odd movie.

    I’ll definitely put your blog into my reader!



    • Hi Jessica. I came across your blog through Tyler. I don’t mind when people send me links at all. I loved Mr. Nobody, it’s a shame not many have seen it. I’ll check your review just now. Cheers.


  2. A well-deserved award, Mark! And thank you for passing it on to me. I’m flattered 🙂


  3. I’m flattered by what you wrote about me. Glad you like my blog so much, even when I keep changing the layout, haha. Congratulations, Mark.


  4. Chris Walker Says:

    Well done Mark, very well done! I knew you were good at this. Keep writing these brilliant reviews and I have no doubt you will win more awards!


  5. Hi Mark, just found your blog through Fogs’ I’ll be checking out some of your posts here. Congrats on the award!


    • Thanks for popping by Ruth. Always glad to meet new blogging friends. Hope you find some stuff you like. It’s a new blog but I intend to add more menus in the future.


      • Yeah, there’s never enough movie bloggers! Hope you pop by mine as well. Look forward to ‘seeing’ you there 😀


      • I’ve just started following you now Ruth. I like the lay-out of your blog. I’ll have a more in depth look later on. Look forward to it. Cheers.


  6. Congrats Mark, and thanks. It’s always good to hear when someone appreciates what we’re doing here on t’interwebz!
    One more thing: if you have any free time between 18 June and 1 July, go to the Edinburgh Film Festival site and apply for a press pass. You get free screenings, free booze… It’s awesome 😀


  7. Thanks, Mark! I received recognition from Cinemaniac as well so it looks like I will have to pay it forward! It’s been a joy reading your blog


  8. Thank you very much indeed Mark. I genuinely enjoy reading your reviews and I loved your Titanic one! Yours was one of the first blogs i followed when I started back in January. well done, great work.


  9. sanclementejedi Says:

    Congrats again, Mark, I look forward to checking out your selected posts and all your award recipients 🙂


  10. themarknight Says:

    Hey man, awesome site and great post. Keep up the good work!


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