In solidarity with my fellow film bloggers I thought I better confess my film sins on the excellent blogathon created by Nostra at MyFilmViews. More details can be found here. As a lot of people were getting involved, I felt I should share also. So here goes…

1: Which classic movie don’t you like/can’t enjoy and why?

It has been said before but I’ve got to go with “Easy Rider“.

Really couldn’t get into it. It was directed by a hippie for hippies. I can see the appeal for people living through this time but despite experimenting with drugs myself, I still couldn’t get it. I could relate to the hallucinogenic experiences but quite frankly the film itself was dull. Oh… and I’m not a biker.

2: Which ten classic movies haven’t you seen yet?

I’ve seen plenty of stuff throughout my 34 years so had to actually trundle through the IMDb to see which ones cropped up. Here they are..

Sunset Boulevard.
Modern Times.
The Great Dictator.
Singin’ In The Rain.
Bicycle Thieves.
The Seventh Seal.
The 400 Blows.
The Sound Of Music.
La Dolce Vita.

3: Have you ever sneaked into another movie at the cinema?

I haven’t sneaked into ‘another’ movie at the cinema but I have sneaked into the cinema altogether. I walked straight past the kiosk on a quiet evening and checked every door till I found a film that was just starting. That film was Roman Polanski’s “The Ghost“. Good film, but then again, sometimes things are better when they’re free. 😉

4: Which actor/actress do you think is overrated?

I’ve got to go with “The Duke” – John Wayne.

Man, that guy and his drawl just doesn’t cut it for me. I find him wooden and can’t quite get why people like him so much. He’s practically the same in every film he’s done. I recently compared him in his Oscar winning role in “True Grit” to that of Jeff Bridges’ portrayal of the same character. Bridges blows his ten gallon hat off and no mistake.

5: From which big director have you never seen any movie (and why)?

Again, I’m another that hasn’t seen any Ingmar Bergman. It’s not through want of trying but I’ve just never found any of his film’s readily available. I suppose if I try harder I could maybe manage it. “The Seventh Seal” has been on my watchlist for years.

6: Which movie do you love, but is generally hated?

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” was a real gem for me.

I’m a big fan of David Lynch and the TV series before it. It was criticised for being incoherent and possibly self-indulgent but I absolutely loved it. It’s such an eerie and ethereal treat and a perfect final doze for fans of the series.

7: Have you ever been “one of those annoying people” at the cinema?

Unfortunately, yes.

When I was about 16 I went to see “Trainspotting” with a group of friends. The problem was, I had already seen it and being intoxicated with the alcohol of choice in my city (a strong tonic wine called “Buckfast”) I proceeded to shout out the lines before the characters uttered them. Needless to say, I’m thoroughly embarrassed about this now and the cinema employees seen it fit to eject me from the theatre. Good on them!

8: Did you ever watch a movie, which you knew in advance would be bad, just because of a specific actor/actress was in it? Which one and why?

Got to go with Will Ferrell here.

I am astonished at how people laugh at this guy. I like to think of myself as having a good sense of humour but I throw away better lines on a daily basis than the ones Ferrell has made a career out of. The one that stands out is “Anchorman“, it has such bottom of the barrel humour and I have questioned my abilities to understand him. I just don’t get him. He seems as if he’s making it up as he goes along… and it shows. I know the film has a fervent cult following but quite frankly, I think it’s garbage.

9: Did you ever not watch a specific movie because it had subtitles?

I love foreign cinema. I find it far more substantial and maybe that’s because I’m reading as well as watching. At least two film’s in my personal top ten are subtitled but in all honesty, I’ve got two young kids who run me dry every day, so when it comes to watching a film in the evening I tend to put off anything that will demand from me. I’ve been demanded of, all day.

10: Are there any movies in your collection that you have had for more than five years and never watched?

I’m thoroughly looking forward to eventually getting to all these film’s. I wouldn’t have bought them otherwise but I’ve just not found the time.

Munich” – Steven Spielberg.
Bad Education” – Pedro Almodovar.
Downfall” – Oliver Hirschbiegel.
Lust Caution” – Ang Lee.
Precious” – Lee Daniels.

11: Which are the worst movies in your collection and why do you still own them?

Dune” (simply because I collect everything David Lunch has done. It’s bad but it has it’s place in my collection)

Nine” (I’m a big fan of Daniel Day-Lewis and I’ll give anything a try that he’s in but on this occasion it was a mistake. I have the intention of making this film “4 1/2” – once I break the disc in two.

Any others, I discarded a long time ago.

12: Do you have any confessions about your movie watching setup at home?

I know a lot of people who find this lunacy from a person that enjoys movies so much but I occasionally watch films on my iPhone. I stick a couple of headphones in and off I go. The screen may be small but I still find I can become embroiled. It’s not ideal but it’s convenient at times.

13: Any other confessions you want to make?

There probably is, as I’ve been a very naughty monkey in my time.

I use my film viewing and writing as a catharsis for my indiscretions but I’m exhausted after answering everything so truthfully. Feel free to spark my memory in any way though.

Mark Walker

34 Responses to “MOVIE CONFESSIONS”

  1. Nice post, Mark. I think you know I stand with you on Easy Rider. On your unseen list, The Great Dictator is pretty good, and M is great. I literally just watched The Seventh Seal last night; I’ll have my review up Saturday, but I found it a little on the tedious side.


    • Thanks Morgan. Yeah, I’ll definitely get around to those unseen ones on my list. I think I’ll continue to avoid the musicals though. Theyre not really my thing. I’ll look out for your review on The Seventh Seal. I’m always interested in hearing more opinions on it.


  2. You.Dont.Like.Anchorman??

    You know, on my desert island picks I chose Anchorman as my favourite comedy, and I actually said I know there are people that just don’t get it. I have people that watch it with me and we are all in tears, and others look at us like we are mental as they see nothing funny. All subjective though, and that’s what makes films and thoughts and opinions on them great. Be dull if we all liked the same stuff.

    Although I know you agree with me about Big Lebowski being perfect so you can’t be all that bad 🙂 Nice answers though, I have just filled this out, was tough work!


    • Haha. Yeah, I often get people surprised that I can’t stand Anchorman. It’s just not my type of humour. The Big Lebowski on the other hand is my type of subtle, intelligent humour. I can’t see past that one.

      I just don’t get the appeal of Ferrell, I find him to desperate.


      • Words fail me Mark 🙂

        I can’t think of anyone more consistently funny than Ferrell. Surely you liked Old School? Not very subtle though………


      • I haven’t seen Old School admittedly. I often avoid Ferrell now. I did like Elf and that is probably his best and funniest performance. If truth be told, I thought he was a hoot with his cameo in Starsky & Hutch as well, so it’s not all bad.


  3. I love Easy Rider, which is strange because it’s the sort of movie I should hate, but I think it’s fantastic.

    Wow. Those ten movies you haven’t seen are shocking. You need to see them, man! The Seventh Seal, The 400 Blows and La Dolce Vita especially.

    Also, you misspelled David Lynch “David Lunch,” but please don’t correct it because that’s an awesome typo. 🙂


    • Haha. David “Lunch”, I never even noticed that. A cross between David Lynch and William Burroughs’ surreal Naked Lunch. Quite a fitting combination methinks 😉

      Yeah, I’m saddened to admit the film’s I haven’t yet seen. I aim to have them dealt with as soon as I can and I’ve tried so many times with Easy Rider. Couldnt get into it, I was bored every time. Nicholson was the highlight for me (as he normally is of course)
      Cheers Tyler.


  4. Anchorman – i’m stunned Mark lol! – ferrell DOES make it up as he goes though.


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  6. I love Anchorman, but I don’t think I like Ferrell in anything else I’ve seen him in. I’ve only seen a couple of those 10 classics so I’m with you on those, but I do love Bicycle Thieves, it’s a great film.


    • So far I seem to be alone on Anchorman. Maybe it’s me. I actually forced a couple of laughs but they certainly wern’t genuine. As for the ten classics, I really need to get onto them but Singin’ in The Rain and The Sound of Music can count themselves out. I point blank refuse most musicals.


  7. Great post, Mark! Of your list, I’ve seen The Sound of Music and Singin’ in the Rain. They’re pretty good (if you like musicals, hehe, which I don’t think you do).

    I like Will Ferrell but I can totally understand where you stand; he gets on my nerves sometimes.

    ” I’ve got two young kids who run me dry every day, so when it comes to watching a film in the evening I tend to put off anything that will demand from me. I’ve been demanded of, all day.” Loved that, hehe.

    Being a HUGE Almodóvar fan, I’d encourage you to watch Bad Education. It’s not one of his greats, but pretty good nonetheless. Precious, eh, not so much.

    Oh, and you’re the first film buff I know who actually enjoys watching movies on his iPhone!


    • I think The musicals can count themselves well out Fernando. I have absolutely no desire to them. The rest I do and I also hope to get round to Bad Education, I’ve also got The skin I Live In to see also. You can’t beat a bit of Almodovar.
      Ferrell just doesn’t do it for me at all but I appreciate he has a fan base. Thanks for peeking in man.


      • You’re welcome. And yeah, Almodóvar is one of my favorites. The Skin I Live In was one of my favorites from last year, so I would thoroughly recommend it.


  8. Yay, glad you’re doing this too, Mark. Ha..ha.. funny story there about you watching Trainspotting!

    I won’t refute you about John Wayne, though I haven’t seen any movie of his but he comes across as rather annoying. Plus, I read on Gregory Peck’s biography, he seems egotistical as well. He was miffed that Greg won Cowboy Star of the Year (which Wayne usually won year after year) and Greg said, ‘Listen, Marion, you can’t win it every year.’ Apparently Marion was his real name, ahahaha.

    Wow, you like to watch films on your iPhone?? I don’t even like watching ’em on my laptop.

    Hey, can I borrow your DUNE dvd? I haven’t seen that one yet but I’ve been meaning to 🙂


    • 😀 Cheers Ruth. Yeah, I was actually put out the cinema during Trainspotting. That’s the joys of tonic-wine I suppose.

      As for Marion Morrison, I just don’t like the man. I don’t like his acting and like you say, I don’t actually like the person either. Why was he always seen as the American hero?

      IPhone? I know, a lot of people are surprised I can’t do this but it really not as bad as you’d think. I mostly watch small personal film’s where a big screen isn’t required.


  9. Easy Rider wasn’t my cup of tea either. I was sooo bored. David Lynch is one of my all-time supreme favorites!


    • Lynch and the Coens are the directors I will always watch a film by. They very rarely put a foot wrong in my eyes. It’s been too long now since Lynch delivered something and I can’t wait for more from him.


  10. Good stuff. I had a lot of fun doing this as well. Great take on Will Ferrell and Easy Rider.


    • Thanks Keith. I seem to be pretty much alone on the Anchorman deal but there are quite a lot of people, as it turns out, that feel the same on Easy Rider. It’s highly overrated.


  11. I can totally understand not liking Easy Rider, it’s one of those films that has more importance than anything else.

    I’m surprised you haven’t seen M, you really should, it’s marvelous. Oh, and 400 Blows as well.

    I’m also surprised by the amount of people that have never seen a Bergman film but I can understand how the films would never make it into rotation too.

    Will Ferrell and Steve Carell are two actor/comedians that I’ve watched more shit than I care to admit.


    • Ahaha! THANK YOU Andy. You are the first to give support on on the Ferrell deal. I was on my own there for a bit. While we’re at it, Carrel doesn’t fair much better. I can tolerate him but I tend to avoid him. CRAZY STUPID LOVE was a decent movie but it would have been so much better had Carrel not been the main focus.


  12. Nice another fan of David Lynch 🙂

    Our local airport is called John Wayne and they have a giant bronze statue of the Duke in his cowboy attire near baggage claim. You should check it out when you take a So Cal vacation.

    I think I would go blind trying to watch a film on my iphone lol


    • Hey Adam! Can’t stand The Duke man. Love me a bitta Lynch though. Gotta love the Lynch ;-).

      iPhone? I’m afraid so. It’s surprisingly effective when you have no other option. I MUST have my film fix and I don’t care how sometimes. 🙂


  13. Seventh seal is cool and that chess party is classic but I also think you should give Scenes from a Marriage a chance. Either the TV series or the theatrical version, whatever you can get your hands on. I don’t love all of Bergman’s films, but that one is something that is easy to relate to if you’re middleaged and in a long-time relationship.


    • Bergman is a man I must get into. It’s always been my intention Jessica but I can’t honestly say, that I’ve ever seen them available. They never appear on tv and I never seem to see them in the shops. I must start digging deeper though and I’ll take your recommendation of Scenes From A Marriage also. It’s now been added to my list.


  14. -on Easy Rider: I see where you’re coming from. I respect it more than I like it.

    -I love Sunset Blvd. and M. Singin’ in the Rain and The 400 Blows are good too.

    -Munich is awesome.


    • Cheers PG. Can’t get into Easy Rider at all ad I don’t think I’ll ever watch Singin’ in The Rain but the rest I’m really looking forward to. Glad to hear you liked Munich as well, I’ve heard some mixed opinions of that.


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