Welcome back to Tuesday’s Trivia Tidbits. For those of you out of the loop, this is a little compilation of 10 movie related facts that I will be posting weekly and info that I always find interesting. So without further ado, this weeks are…

1: After Michael Madsen was found to be unavailable for the part, Daniel Day-Lewis tried to get the role of Vincent Vega in “Pulp Fiction“, one of the few times he actively pursued a part. However, by that point in the casting, Quentin Tarantino had John Travolta in mind.

2: Mark Ruffalo claims to be the only actor to date, to play both The Hulk and Bruce Banner in the same movie. Technically, both Eric Bana and Edward Norton have done motion capture work for their respective Hulks, but Ruffalo is the first actor to perform the Hulk live on set via performance capture.

3: When he did the Russian roulette scene in “The Deer Hunter“, Christopher Walken was remembering being sent to summer camp by his parents, which he hated. He felt betrayed, ostracized, alone – and felt the character was experiencing that at that point in the film.

4: Originally in “Rain Man“, Dustin Hoffman was to play Charlie Babbitt (the Tom Cruise character) and Bill Murray was to play the autistic savant Raymond (eventually Hoffman’s role). When Hoffman decided to switch roles, Murray dropped out – he didn’t want to play the straight role. The film also seen director’s Martin Brest, Steven Spielberg and Sydney Pollack attached at one point.

5:Argo” is the title of the “movie” being filmed within the movie but it originates from Greek mythology. It was the ship Jason and the Argonauts sailed in to retrieve the Golden Fleece.

6:The Lord of the Rings” trilogy were filmed simultaneously. The back-to-back shoot lasted a record-equaling 274 days, in 16 months – exactly the same time as taken for the principal photography of “Apocalypse Now“.

7: While filming “Awakenings” with Robin Williams and “Mad Dog and Glory” with Bill Murray, Robert DeNiro’s nose was apparently broken by both actors.

8: Matt Damon, along with Jake Gyllenhaal, was one of the studio’s first choices for the role of Jake Sully in “Avatar“, but director James Cameron chose the (back then) more unknown Sam Worthington in the lead role instead.

9: At one point in the movie “Ted“, Ted mentions 9/11. Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane both, apparently, narrowly missed being on the planes that hit the World Trade Center. Wahlberg was booked on American Airlines Flight 11 but decided to drive up to New York and fly to California later. McFarlane was scheduled on the same flight but arrived to gate ten minutes late and was unable to board. He was sitting in the airport when he saw that his plane had hit the North Tower of the World trade center.

10: In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, John Goodman stated that The Dude referring to “The Big Lebowski” as a “human paraquat” was one of the only improvised lines to make it into the final film. Virtually every other line, including every ‘man’ and ‘dude,’ was scripted – A ‘Paraquat’ is actually a herbicide. During the late 1970s, a controversial program sponsored by the US government sprayed paraquat on marijuana fields in Mexico.

So there you have it. 10 esoteric Tidbits to masticate on. Some you may know. Some you may not. If you have any thoughts, stick your donations in the comment box.
See you next Tuesday…

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  1. I’m wondering how different Pulp Fiction would have been if Daniel Day-Lewis was in it.


  2. Couldn’t even imagine Daniel Day talking about cheeseburgers and dancing to Chuck Berry.


  3. Great stuff Mark.

    I can imagine Brando being the main reason for the Apocalypse delay. Currently reading a couple of biographies on him, and despite him coming across as a lunatic, it makes me want to go and watch all his films! πŸ™‚


    • Cheers Bro. Aye, apparently Brando was a pain in the arse. He turned up without knowing the lines or having read the script but the weather conditions and the health of Sheen didn’t help either.


  4. Great trivia, the one about Walken is interesting as he is really going through the same thing as his character.


  5. Avatar may be wildly popular, but I said it as wildly overrated and neither Damon or Gyllenhaal could have fixed that! Great stuff Mark!


  6. Excellent post! I’d actually love to see Daniel Day-Lewis in Pulp Fiction. Granted, it’s hard to imagine the role without Travolta, but Day-Lewis is such a terrific actor … oh, the possibilities. And Walken was so powerful in his role in The Deer Hunter. Hearing the summer camp story is a little disappointing, somehow. But hey, it obviously worked! πŸ™‚


    • Cheers Stephanie. I’m with you on both accounts. Day-Lewis as Vincent would have been great to see. That sounds unfair to Travolta but I would loved to have seen Day-Lewis would have done with the role. As for Walken, I felt a little disappointed with that news also.


  7. Daniel Day-Lewis could really have worked! I mean, Travolta is great in it, but i could easily imagine Day-Lewis in there too.

    Is the Rainman poster your doing there? If so, good work! ha!


    • Totally agree Chris. Day-Lewis could have worked there.

      Unfortunately, I can’t lay claim to the Rain Man poster. I found it on the Internet. I could have done it as I’m not too bad with that kinda stuff on photoshop but I just don’t have the time. Cheers man.


  8. I remember reading #9 a while ago, and it still shakes me to this day. No one knows what can happen.


  9. ray brayne Says:

    Wahlberg and MacFarlane. While Wahlberg made a decision not to fly that day MacFarlane owes God a big one! He should devote himself to some sort of payback for that one. I can’t see anything in his work that says “thank you”. I’d be wondering, what did the Almighty have in mind?


  10. Murray and Hoffman in Rain Man could have been very good, but I wonder if it would have made it seem too comedic. Day-Lewis as Vega might have been interesting.


  11. Alex Withrow Says:

    I’ve heard about DDL as Vincent Vega before and damn… can you imagine? Would’ve been a completely different film. So curious to see how that would’ve worked.


    • Couldn’t agree more Alex. As one of my favourite actors, I would have been very keen to see Day-Lewis in that role. Kudos to Tarantino though, he seems to know who will fit a role well and Travolta does a great job.


  12. #9 is definitely chilling…


  13. I didn’t know about #9. what a bit of trivia there. I’ve been wanting to watch Awakenings for ever.

    I’m afraid neither Damon or Gyllenhaal would’ve helped me like Avatar more. It was a one time watch for me. that’s it.


  14. Interesting and fun facts to read πŸ™‚


  15. ANother great post Mark. I do love learning something new from these!!


  16. Ha, I love that Big Lebowski trivia


  17. Sorry I’m late to this Mark, super busy juggling work and covering TCFF. I heard about Daniel Day-Lewis pursuing the role in Pulp Fiction, that’s amazing that an actor like him still lost out to a role he wanted. Oh man, that’s crazy that DeNiro’s nose got broken by two actors, poor guy! Glad he’s ok now though. Nice set of trivia as always, my friend!


    • That’s cool Ruth. I understand you’re busy. It’s not always a requirement to comment you know? πŸ™‚ I know you’ve always got my back, comment or no comment. I’m not even at a festival and I’m struggling to keep up myself.

      Yeah, Day-Lewis eh? It’s probably one if the very few he’s lost out on. Most directors would snap him up.

      And DeNiro’s nose… Two comedians as well and I think DeNiro could probably handle himself. Accidental of course but still ironic.

      Cheers Ruth.


  18. Some pretty crazy what-ifs in there. Couldn’t imagine Daniel Day-Lewis in Pulp Fiction, though I would have loved to see that happen. Ditto with Bill Murray in Rain Man. Curious how that would have turned out.


    • Cheers Eric. I can see Day-Lewis as Vincent Vega and I think it would have worked well. As for Murray, I can see that also but the whole tone of the film would change I think (see last weeks post on how Murray always changes the script to add his own spin). Still, they would both make very interesting changes.


  19. Hi greetings from Hong Kong like the 9/11 trivia with Mark & Seth. I had read this somewhere. I love all those stories about people who narrowly missed the events that day. Noticed you put in a de Niro trivia was that for Tyson? Lol not sure why but both your sites seem to be banned in china couldn’t access them there.


  20. Awesome tidbits, like always. 9 is so spooky. Love #10 πŸ™‚


  21. filmfellahenry Says:

    I love that walken felt being held hostage by VC troops and forced to risk blowing your head off comparable to a trip to summer camp. Good readings Mark


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  23. Number 1 is true? it can’t be ha


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