De Niro: A collaborative Adventure.


Okay, here’s a little venture for you..

As most of you know, I’m a massive fan of Adam De Sandler, sorry, Robert De Niro. How on earth can I mix them up? Maybe it’s because they both produce sub-standard comedic material these days?
However, my or (our) aim is not to highlight the below par delivery of Robert De Niro these days, but to she’d some light on the most outstanding qualities that this truly great actor has offered over the years. Myself, and my good friend, Tyson Carter from Head In A Vice have chosen to share our common appreciation of this great, stupendous actor, and as a result, began a completely new blog that will focus, entirely, on him and his life’s work. We hope that you (our friends and followers) will join us in contributing to posts, lists, reviews and Blogathons that are all catered around this particular screen legend.

Our new site is still in it’s infancy but hopefully with your support and contribution, you can help me and Tyson, realise the potential of our new collaborative site. Head over to “You Talkin’ To Me?” and don’t be afraid to follow or get involved with your thoughts.

If you don’t… Here’s what Bob will be doing to you…


17 Responses to “De Niro: A collaborative Adventure.”

  1. Consider me signed up to your new blog mate! Great piece.


  2. I signed up this morning, Mucker. Let me know if you need any support.

    Boat Drinks!


  3. Signed up earlier today through Tyson’s post. Looks great! Can’t wait to contribute :).


  4. Congrats. I love Bobby. What can I do to contribute? I’ve never seen ‘Dead Calm’ and one of my favorite films of his is ‘Cape Fear’.


    • De Niro’s Max Cady in Cape Fear is one of my all time favourites Cindy. I thought he was marvellous, despite some criticism that he took for overplaying it. I don’t see it that way but to each their own I suppose.

      When the time comes, you will be called upon. 😉 Thanks Cindy!


  5. Congrats guys. I’m gonna love keeping up with you guys!


  6. Great idea guys! Already signed up for a review of The Score (hope I get it!).


  7. Already subscribed! Looking forward to reading your stuff!


  8. All signed up and put forward what I want for the blogathon. Looking forward to this mate!


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