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Sati over at the always interesting and visually stunning blog Cinematic Corner has came up with a great idea for her first Blogathon. It leaves a lot of room for choices but the rules are fairly simple in that we are asked to choose a minor character that we love and why we would like to see them take the leading role in a film. What would that film then be like? For further information stop by Sati’s blog here and get involved. And now I invite you to…

Sit down… grab yourself an eggroll. We got everything here from a diddle eyed Joe to a damned if I know.“…

And by that, I’m talking about Gary Oldman’s marvellous character from Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino’s

True Romance“.

It ain’t white boy day, is it? Naw man, it ain’t white boy day – it’s



Drexl is a pimp who’s also involved in the narcotic’s business with a high ranking gangster known as Blue Lou Boyle. He has scars on his face and one of his eye’s has seemingly lost it’s sight. Added to which, he’s a white man with dreadlocks who believes himself to be a black Rastafarian. Drexl is a merciless brutal killer and a man with whom you do not fuck. As he was once the pimp of Alabama Whitman (Patricia Arquette), he is confronted by Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) which results in being the catalyst for a crime spree involving mobsters, police and Hollywood producers.


What’s not to be interested in when we are first introduced to Drexl? The scars are on his face and dress sense are enough to grab your attention. In the space of 10 minutes screen time, Oldman really brings this character alive and makes a lasting impression. Despite an abundance of talent in True Romance, Drexl is, without doubt, the most memorable character. So much so, that he’s simply not in it enough. 20140314-092222.jpg In a prequel to the film, the possibilities would be endless when incorporating Tarantino’s criminal underworld. We’d witness the rise of Drexl from his younger years as a viscous street hood and hired-gun under the guidance of L.A. crime bosses Joe Cabot (Lawrence Tierney) and Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). His viscousness would eventually invite the attention of dogged and equally sadistic police detective Jack Scagnetti (Tom Sizemore). Scagnetti would bring Drexl to justice with him serving an 8 year sentence in San Quentin prison where he would befriend Vic Vega (Michael Madsen). Once released, he would again go back to his old habits and become involved in the sex and drug trade before his involvement with Blue Lou Boyle (Robert De Niro) and his eventual confrontation with Clarence (Christian Slater).

As if that’s not enough, Gary Oldman had already stated in an interview that he would love to do a film on Drexl Spivey.

Mark Walker

37 Responses to “Spin-Off Blogathon”

  1. This is an awesome choice Mark! He’s a brilliant character and you’re spot on, it’d be great to see more of him. He’s clearly been written as a character with a backstory so it’d be really interesting to actually learn about it.


    • Cheers Chris! I had so many in mind (a lot of them were Coen bros characters) but I just couldn’t overlook Oldman. He’s absolutely brilliant in this film and Drexl is still one of my all time favourite Tarantino characters.


      • I hadn’t thought of him to be honest, but it’s a fine choice. Oldman only needs 10 mins to make an impression. Mine will indeed be a Coens character, one that I was half expecting you to have chosen when I clicked through!


      • Aah! A Coens character you say? I think I might know who you mean. Can’t wait to see your post now. There was one that really stood out for me but I had a sneaky feeling someone else would choose him so I went with Oldman who I’m hoping slipped under everyone’s radar.


  2. Excellent choice, a prequel movie on him would be amazing.


  3. Nice idea for a Blogathon. Almost as good as the recent De Niro lovefest! I’ll have a think about this one…


  4. I am completely unfamiliar with True Romance (and this character), but you’ve sold me. Seems fit for a flick of his own (especially since it’s Gary Oldman). 🙂


    • You should really check out True Romance, man. It’s a fabulous film and the whole cast are brilliant, which is even more of a testament to Oldman managing to outshine them. Tarantino’s dialogue is a sharp as ever too.


      • You are not the only person to say as much about True Romance. And I have no good excuse for not seeing it, really. I’ll check it out soon. 😉


      • I look forward to your thoughts on it J. If you like Tarantino then True Romance really shouldn’t disappoint. The scene with Oldman and another with Christopher Walken & Dennis Hopper are two of Tarantino’s finest work.


  5. I remember seeing bits and pieces of True Romance so I can’t remember the details. Gary Oldman is always memorable though, esp. under that dread lock! Very nice entry here, I started working on mine last week, it’ll be more than one character I’ll be featuring 😉


    • You really should revisit the the film, Ruth. It’s great stuff and this happens to be my favourite performance of his.

      I did have lots of characters in mind but I didn’t really have the time to write them all up. Looking forward to your entries, though. 🙂


  6. Awesome choice and I love that your idea incorporates all those Tarantino characters! It’s so cool that there are so many connections, Tarantino should really make a movie highlighting the fact that it’s all set in the same universe.


    • Thanks Sati. It was fun to put together. Great idea you had. Tarantino has always dropped subtle hints about how some of his characters are related. The Vega’s from Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction being the obvious ones but he also mentions a Seymour Scagnetti in Dogs and also mentions Alabama (from True Romance) working with Harvey Keitel’s Mr. White at one point. There are others but those spring to mind.


  7. Wonderful subject for a blogathon and an outstanding choice. As you said he is easily the most intriguing character in True Romance.


  8. Great choice, Mark!

    Even though I first caught Mr. Oldman in Sid & Nancy . He has always been one of those actors, who I have to wait for the film’s final credits to discover the actor’s identity. Especially so in True Romance .

    Superb spin-off idea as well! Lots of star studded back story prior to Drexel first meeting Drexel in True Romance .


    • Thanks Jack!

      I’ve always been a fan of Oldman. He’s such a versatile actor and when he was younger, he displayed a real vibrant and dangerous energy. He’s mellowed a little now but no-one could play an on-edge character any better than him. A fantastic actor and this is my favourite performance of his.


  9. Popcorn Nights Says:

    Nice idea Mark, hadn’t thought about this character in a long, long time but he is brilliant. I’m personally hanging on for ‘Drexl and Marty Get The Munchies’ or ‘Drexl and Marty’s Excellent Adventure’ though!


  10. I love it! How about ‘DAWN OF THE DREXL’ where he comes back for revenge on Clarence and ‘bamma?


  11. “Drexl is a merciless brutal killer and a man with whom you do not fuck.” – I just love this line.

    Great choice here Mark!


  12. You should write a spec script for that story and pitch it, because it is such an insanely good idea. I would pay damn good money to see that flick. Excellent work!


  13. I’ve seen several Spin-Off Blogathon posts, but this is by far my favorite one! I would definitely watch this Drexl movie and immensely enjoy all Tarantino references in it! Amazing job!



    • I’ve seen some great spin-off ideas myself, so I appreciate the high praise on this one, Dorian. He’s a wonderful character isn’t he? My one of my all time favourite bit-part players and still one of Tarantino’s finest creations. A lot of credit must go to Oldman as well, though. He was superb!


  14. Brilliant choice! He’s a wonderful and interesting character and Tarantino’s writing did an incredible job of bringing him to life, that and Oldman’s remarkable performance.

    Again, great choice! Hope you like mine.


    • Thanks again! It’s an interesting Blogathon this one. I had plenty of people in mind but thought I’d go with one that I suspected most would overlook. Drexl’s a brilliant character and Oldman nails it in such a short time. I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone’s choices!


  15. An intriguing, rather unsettling character… Great pick Mark!


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