Blog’s 3rd Anniversary



Okay, considering my relative absence from the blogosphere in the last few months, I’m in no position to be posting self-congratulatory or self-masturbatory nonsense. However, I only make these posts once a year and I don’t make them to self-indulge.

Cutting to the chase, I make them to thank all you guys out there. As I’ve always said, this site wouldn’t be the same without you. Yes! It’s the third year for me and I’m astonished that I’m still here. Do you want to know why? The reason is because of you… How can any blog thrive or remain alive without anyone interested in reading or peeking in? This post is for you guys and I want to thank you all.

Granted, I took a back seat mid-year but that was due to my passion and campaigning for Scottish Independence (hence the titled photo – incase anyone missed the reference). 2014 was a historical year for Scotland and I, honestly, couldn’t commit to blogging when it meant the future of my beloved country. In hindsight, I wish I had done more (campaigning that is).


Needless to say… I’m gutted with the result. Scotland not only chose to shit themselves at the thought of freedom but the aftermath and choice to stay within the union has left many disheartened. A campaign that began with hope and positivity, unfortunately ended in hatred and disappointment.


I’m not one to say I told you so but even the NO voters are regretting their decision under one of the most ruthless and elitist governments we’ve ever had.

Anyway, enough about politics and more about films and blogging. I’ll, hopefully, start blogging again with the real enthusiasm that I once had and I can’t thank all of you enough for sticking by me throughout this difficult year. It really is heartwarming and (as my previous anniversary posts have done) I’d like to give a shout out to my top five commenters.

#1: Zoe from Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger
#2: Fernando from Committed to Celluloid
#3: Alex from AlexRaphael
#4: Cindy from Cindy Bruchman
#5: Mark from Three Rows Back

I hate to single people out (as I appreciate everyone’s involvement) but it always gives me the chance to link to the sites that have given me the most commitment. Please check them out, they will reward you as they’ve done me.

Onwards to the next year friends. Here’s hoping I can be as active as I once was. l’ve learned how to tie my shoelaces in the blogosphere but now I’d like to tie my shit together!

Many thanks to everyone, though. Blogging is hard work and requires a commitment that I’m certain you all understand. I, personally, not only hope to continue but I hope to see more from all of you as well. Go for it people. Take you’re future in your hands!

It’s hard to describe to those that didn’t experience the passion (and) disappointment for Scotland in this year but I hope this rising young Scottish lad can condense it…


43 Responses to “Blog’s 3rd Anniversary”

  1. Congratulations, Mark. Well done, and sorry that the vote went the way it did. Always enjoy your writing and passion, my friend. Keep up both. Best to you and yours in the new year.

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    • Thank you, Michael! Its been a hard year to blog and come to terms with a passion I work hard for. I considered opening up another political blog to rant about my feelings but thought better of it. Scotland refusing independence still baflless me. It always will… Until the next time… πŸ˜‰

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  2. Hey man! Congrats on this milestone and I’m glad to have been a tiny part of it πŸ™‚ Here’s to many years of great blogging (I need to make a comeback myself! Haven’t posted anything in months, ugh!) Anyhoo, hope the push for independence keeps going strong.

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    • Once again, you’re my strongest follower, Fernando! Ive ceased asking how you do it, but you do! THANK YOU! As always!

      Indepenence is now a big fucking deal in Scotland! It didn’t happen last year but it WILL happen soon! πŸ™‚

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  3. Cheers dude.

    You’ve got (still) one of my favorite blogs out here so I’m elated to hear that it will still keep going. No matter how infrequently. It’s always good to see a post from here pop up in my reader. πŸ™‚

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    • Tom, my man! We’ve had chats and it always makes me wonder why I’ve not been more frequent on your shit. Blogging (and friends) takes time, man. But i can honestly say that yours was never one that struck me in the beginning. That was my fault, though.
      It takes time to get the jist. Afterwards, its hard to stay away. If I’m honest, its reading shit like yours that puts me off writing. Im not in the same league. (I mean that as a compliment, sir. Just incase my drunkiness shows) πŸ˜‰


  4. Congrats! Happy blogaversary! πŸ™‚


  5. jackdeth72 Says:

    Congratulations, Mark!

    There’s quality and quantity. And your posts cover both flawlessly. Not a post a day kind of site, but what you throw down is definitely worth picking up, enjoying and commenting on.

    If not a specific topic, film or actor. Your Trivia posts are detailed and have a track record for adding something new to ponder.

    Looking forward to continued success in 2015!


  6. Happy anniversary Mark. I know you’ve had a lot on your plate this year. The greedy me has missed your writing and I can’t wait to see you back in the saddle.


    • Cheers bro! I struggled to keep on top this year but I’m not ready to throw the towel in yet. Thanks fpr your consistent support, as always πŸ™‚


      • Don’t you dare throw in the towel. I love your movie perspective. Several interesting flicks on the way in 2015. And be sure to stop by K&M. Interested in your take on my year end Top 10.

        Take care bro and don’t let that frustration and disappointment wear you down.


      • Ha! Thanks again, bro! Ill be doing the rounds again soon enough and K&M is always a place I enjoy stopping by. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me… πŸ™‚


  7. Congrats Mark on this milestone, here’s to many more years of success.


  8. Happy blogiversary and welcome back!


  9. congrats Mark! Nice to see you back in stride!


  10. Congratulations and nice to still see you going. There have been way too many bloggers I’ve seen quit and I’m happy you’re not one of them.


  11. I made the list this year! Yes!! Happy anniversary mate; your posts are always a pleasure to read and long may they continue.


    • Indeed you did make the cut this year, Mark. I remember you saying at the start of the year that you would. You made good on that promise, my man. Cheers for everything!!


  12. Congratulations! Looking forward to your 2015 posts. Here’s to another 3 years!


  13. 3 years is great and is the same amount as my blog too!! Here’s to another 3!


  14. Congratulations and Happy New Year Mark, I hope 2015 is a good one for you in terms of film and blogging, looking forward to seeing your reviews as always. And as for politics…onwards and upwards!


  15. Happy 3 Year Anniversary! Keep up the great work!


  16. Congrats Mark! We missed you for the bit you took your break, but I can totally understand it. It’s good to have you back out here!

    Hoping to see you around for a few more years πŸ™‚

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  17. Many congrats my friend and good to see you’re still keeping your hand in. I’m hoping to be around a little more too so hopefully we’ll get the chance to chat more this year.

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    • Many thanks Chris. It’d be great to catch up with you again. Too many of my closest blogging friends have become absent. I think that contributed to my absence too but I’m going to give it another go.


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