My Dad & The Dude

This is still a movie related post but is the result of another hobby of mine… painting.

Some may find this a bit morbid but this painting was done using the remains of my late father. He died a couple of years ago and after getting him cremated, I decided at that point that I would commit them to a painting that he would have liked.

And the result… ? The result was The Dude from both of our favourite film “The Big Lebowski“. I shared lots of great movie experiences with my dad but probably none more so than the cult Coens classic. The reason this film resonated with us is because my dad actually looked and acted quite a lot like The Dude himself.

So here is the 5 stages of the Oil painting that I done for (and including) my late dad Gerry Walker.

Stage 1…


Stage 2…


Stage 3…


Stage 4…


Stage 5…


Mark Walker

18 Responses to “My Dad & The Dude”

  1. OmGod Mark thisis a stunning tribte to a man who obviously means so much.
    The painting is increible, I feel like I know this man.

    I am not creeped out all bu the use of his ashes as a medium and find the texure added is just perfect.

    You should feel vert god about what you did.

    It is a masterpiece of your Father.


    • Thank you very much. I’m glad you think so. When I posted this originally a while ago, many felt the same way as yourself. I think my dad would have liked it also. He was a big fan of The Dude and I wanted to keep the painting lighthearted and colourful. It would seem that this image was the correct choice. Thanks again for your kind words. 😀


      • I wanted to include in my comment that I think your dad is proud of you and finds his portrait a perfect likeness, but I felt it was completely presumptious and arrogant on my part.
        I am grateful you have said so ~ I’m sure it is true.

        You have a fine hand with oils, showing just enough restraint.

        (By the way that was “you should feel Good: not “god : as I typo-ed it)

        Did I miss what year you did this?


      • Your typo added to the nature of it somewhat and if a typo was to happen, I’m glad it happened then. LOL. I now have delusions of (god) grandeur. 😉

        Anyway, I’m very appreciative of your thoughts here miss. I too believe my dad would have loved this painting. In some ways it has now become the shrine that I never had. Thank you! 😀


  2. Chris Walker Says:

    Mark. this is… brilliant. Fantastic painting! I couldn’t think of and better way of paying tribute.


  3. Hey Mark, I just saw this link – what a brilliant tribute, especially given what happens to Donny’s ashes in the film! Great stuff.

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  4. Wow dude I just stumbled across this…. amazing stuff, perfect tribute. Your father would be proud

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  5. John Bradley Says:

    your Da would be so proud of you Mark not only is the painting excellent, but the whole idea is just fantastic. Well done! ..thanks for sharing this btw

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