Classic Scenes (Scripted)


Here you’ll find a list of Classic Scenes from cinema in true transcript form with the added bonus of an accompanying video clip – wherever possible. As an avid reader of screenplays, I always find that the words from a scene can really stick in your head and jump off the page and I’ve always enjoyed reading the dialogue. This as good a reason as any to share some of my favourites with you. For anyone that shares this enthusiasm with me, then these scenes should appeal to you too. Just click on the title to read the scene in full.

#1. RESERVOIR DOGS – “I don’t tip”


#2. FULL METAL JACKET – “Let me see your war face”


#3. GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS – “It takes brass balls to sell real-estate”


#4. MEAN STREETS – “I’m gonna pay him”


#5. THE MASTER – “Infringement! You blinked”


#6. THE BIG LEBOWSKI – “Nobody fucks with the Jesus”


#7. TRUE ROMANCE – “Sicilians have black blood pumpkin’ through their hearts”

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